Seven Days In Hell

PA Pundits - International

By Burt Prelutsky ~

My hospital ordeal was so multi-faceted, if I hadn’t kept notes, I would have forgotten some of the details.

To begin at the beginning, I thought I had caught a cold. Then, when the coughing got bad, I thought I had caught a really bad cold. By the time my step-son, Tony Deni, stopped by, I had a bit of a fever and he convinced me to go to the emergency hospital. That’s when the surprises began.

It seemed I had blockage to my heart and they inserted two stents. They still want to insert a third, but decided to wait a while. Early on, they thought I had pneumonia. They also considered Covid, but after sticking me in the isolation ward for a day, they ruled out the Chinese flu. Mainly, those 24 hours served to let me know that no matter how awful life…

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