life priorities, what should be important replaced by televised make believe crap: by the arlin report thought(s) of the day

I get it, we need some entertainment. But entertainment should not dominate our lives, especially when the entertainment is planned by media, and television/movie industries to distract us from priorities, important matters like educating our children, earning a good living for our families, quality of life!

So many people freak out over who chose who on the Bachelor, who was unfair to one of the contestants on Big Brother. People concern themselves over a Kardashian having a nose job.

People have become addicted to Netflix! Sometimes those episodes are social messages from an industry wanting to control the narrative, issues they often create, taking our minds away from REAL issues we should be more concerned with, like paying attention to what the far left is trying to indoctrinate into our children. BS! It also keeps us from actually being active in holding those responsible for corruption, especially within our government. Keep the flock busy watching all their favorite stars and they can easily be controlled/manipulated; because we can count on the media lecturing us on what we should be doing, and just believe they are always right!

I have also gotten sick of so many series, especially from Netflix (and movies) inserting all the social issues of the day into their episodes to “make us” more aware and acceptable by us: Every episode seems to “must include” inter-racial relationships, transgenders, gay relationships with sexual scenes. YOU ARE RIGHT! I can turn it off!

AND: I don’t need, never have needed the local media telling me what I should wear each day, like “Dress light today it’s going to be hot.” Really? No kidding it’s summer!

I’d rather take my grandkids to the park or fishing (golf at some point), than watch the crap on TV. They are more important to me than who the Bachelorette chose!

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