arlin report thought(s) of the day: our international joke

Imagine, though it is difficult to imagine Joe Biden in a meeting alone with Putin! Inconceivable! His handlers would have to escort him to his seat, come and get him when Putin is finished speaking. Putin must know Biden won’t understand a damn thing he would talk about, of any diplomatic, or otherwise importance. Maybe Putin reads Joe nursery rhymes, or plays cartoons for him. Putin’s meeting is for one purpose and one purpose only, to see how far down, how far lost Biden’s mind and body truly is. He is only seeing it for himself. Joe Biden is not any kind of challenge, let alone a treat to Putin. Putin will see that Joe Biden is not a major player/leader on the world scene, their global chess game. Biden has no moves, he will be directed, guided………..I can’t say manipulated because he is not significant. Putin will understand it is the Biden handlers in charge of Joe, and that they are as ignorant and weak as their face of the Democratic Socialist Party in America. Putin has little to gain, accept somehow swindle the store from America through this incoherent piece. Putin “may” understand the trance many American’s are in, with this fake, but destructive President, and that it can’t, won’t last. Will Putin feel sorry for Biden? ……….. I doubt it, he will probably laugh in his face! THIS JOURNEY BIDEN IS ON IS THE MOST EMBARASSING STRETCH IN OUR HISTORY. Boris Johnson in a round table meeting, stuck out his hand at least twice to get Biden to stop talking. Biden asked to have someone be introduced (the person already had been). Johnson stuck out his hand towards Biden to quiet him. They all know BIDEN IS A JOKE!

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