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And I don’t mean as a Donald Trump! Joe Biden has always given the impression he is a Godfather type of crime families. Maybe his direct family he is. Joe Biden is not the leader of America’s organized crime center…………..known as the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.). D.C. is the home base or headquarters of the most destructive organized crime family in America, OUR GOVERNMENT. Joe Biden is a puppet of the corrupt masses, those that have been there too long. Biden has never led anything. He takes orders, he always has! I give him credit, he is a great actor, pretender………LIAR.

Someone recently posted a blog asking “Why isn’t Hunter Biden in jail?”. My response was “Hunter isn’t in jail for the same reason daddy Joe isn’t in jail. The organized crime syndicate in D.C., the Deep State, protects their own kind.” They don’t just cover Democrats, but all filthy corrupt political and government officials (ALL), Republicans, Independents and Socialists alike. Washington is so corrupt, the city should be burned to the ground. All the government buildings and institutions are so tainted, the halls are haunted. The people occupying office space in these buildings and walking the halls, the governing officials in fraudulent meetings pretending to represent our wishes have no respect for these institutions and haven’t for a long time. Power, authority and money is all they seek, at OUR expense. There isn’t enough jail space for them all, but plenty of rope!

Recently, JOE BIDEN was on stage and could not keep his disgusting PEDOPHILIAC thoughts to himself, made a comment directed towards a little girl (“sitting nice and pretty, looking like a 19 year old with her legs crossed” to paraphrase). If that were my grandchild or even my older daughter, I’d want to break the assholes jaw. If I were in his company (Biden’s) he’d certainly need the Secret Service’s protection. I would not let him get away with that kind of inappropriate remark. There are definitely two sets (if not more) of standards today, and D.C. skates by as usual. However, they’d be impeaching Trump again if he made a remark like that!

They are soooooo bothered by the events of January 6, that their space got invaded, you know their hallowed grounds. Space THEY have corrupt for many years. Corruption passes through at a greater pace than anything good. Corruption in D.C. is sought after more than good. What they consider good is what is only good for them.

A bull dozer could go through all of D.C. and turn the ground over, the stench would still be unbearable. We the People should, must rebuild America, make America truly great again, have a new center, a Center of the American People. All those currently in government not allowed! Sorry about that to the few that are good………but you could have done more and didn’t.

Creepy Joe Returns to Deliver Inappropriate Comments to Little Girl on Stage – The Last Refuge — Trump:The American Years

During a veterans event today creepy Joe Cornpop, the inappropriate old man, resurfaced.Joe Biden looks at a little girl in the audience, the daughter of a veteran, and says   “I love those barrettes in your hair. Man I’ll tell you what, look at her she looks like she’s 19 years old sitting there like […]

Creepy Joe Returns to Deliver Inappropriate Comments to Little Girl on Stage – The Last Refuge — Trump:The American Years

joe Biden isn’t a POTUS he is a POS ! (Arlin Report comment)

Fauci (2012) Wrote That Benefits of “Gain-of Function” Research Outweigh Pandemic Risk

You want total destruction (depopulation) keep an asshole at the front who defends just that who was participating if not leading via his position and influence in THE LAB (with China) from the start. FAUCI SHOULD BE GONE!

Mining Awareness +

Excerpt: “Putting aside the specter of bioterrorism for the moment, consider this hypothetical scenario: an important gain-of-function experiment involving a virus with serious pandemic potential is performed in a well-regulated, world-class laboratory by experienced investigators, but the information from the experiment is then used by another scientist who does not have the same training and facilities and is not subject to the same regulations.

In an unlikely but conceivable turn of events, what if that scientist becomes infected with the virus, which leads to an outbreak and ultimately triggers a pandemic? Many ask reasonable questions: given the possibility of such a scenario—however remote—should the initial experiments have been performed and/or published in the first place, and what were the processes involved in this decision? Scientists working in this field might say—as indeed I have said—that the benefits of such experiments and the resulting knowledge outweigh the risks…“ Fauci…

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Why Isn’t Hunter in Jail?

Biden to Middle Class on Memorial Day Weekend: I’m Going to Raise Your Taxes, Suckers…


a "Backwoods" Conservative

If there is one thing I can’t stomach, it’s a liar. We elect people to public office with the understanding that they will act on those issues they claim to support and in the manner which prompted us to vote for them in the first place. And at a time when the priority needs to be stopping the senile old dolt in the White House and the socialist Democrats in Congress from running our country into the ground and leaving us exposed to a growing number of enemies, we continue to have a cadre of individuals interested in nothing more than wasting time attacking a man who hasn’t been president for four months and is a member of the same party that they claim to be.

So, Senate Republicans, on Friday, blocked the Senate from moving forward on a bill that would create a commission to investigate the January 6…

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I dare you to prove this post incorrect

The Lions Den

Look carefully at the pic. A day old, headline news. Not only at the image, but look deeply into the ramifications when this comes to a town near you. Novel? Convenient? Safe??? After all, tattoos are all the rage doncha know.

Yet, for thousands of years, this ‘idea’ was scoffed at by people who thought, (and still do) that God’s word is a useless pile of outdated paper meant to satisfy the weak minded who need a crutch ere they start their days.

Mind you, long before Gutenberg invented the press, before tats were the latest fad, before the idea of a bar code was still in diapers, God SAID men would invent a system whereby all commerce would be approved, and now that the experiment of a ‘masked world’ has been spoon fed to otherwise good people, the latest geniuses are too stupid to understand that what they are…

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Long May IT Wave, Baby! — Marilyn’s Room

Today marks the 104th birthday of JFK. (It would be a good day to announce the non-death of Junior, wouldn’t it??!!) Well, as promised, Memorial Day weekend here in Crazeysburg has been less than auspicious. Rain and cold yesterday; rainier and colder today! But Monday is still looking like it will be reasonably okay. We […]

Long May IT Wave, Baby! — Marilyn’s Room