Trump Was Right When He Warned Us About Biden’s Radical Plan To Destroy America – The True Reporter

Trump:The American Years

Again, our President Trump was right! He has previously warned us about Biden’s radical agenda and what he would do!

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Biden’s list is limitless, starting with packing the court, reparations, gun control, flooding the country with illegals, eliminating the filibuster, etc.

As we mentioned, Trump warned us about Biden’s radical plan and what he will do if he becomes the President.But, after all, this wasn’t a hard prediction. The radical democrats shared their agenda, but the media represented Biden as a moderate

.Old Joe isn’t in charge. The latest data revealed that Obama is the controller. What will Obama want that he will get.I don’t think that Biden is responsible for the current plans to destroy capitalism, law and order, and our freedom!

However, Trump told us during his campaign about Biden’s plans. If you watch his RNC speech from August 2020, he said:…

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