how trump called out the world to rid evil……..

I know there are those that will call this BS…….., didn’t happen………

But Trump visited these nations and his blunt, pushy and maybe rude attitude in their own backyards was visible and criticized by the media. What we didn’t know he took with him and shared with all the leaders stopped them in their own tracks, made them listen and see with their own eyes. The corruption and human trafficking evidence could not be ignored. Not even the Vatican could escape the wrath of Trump! This video is lenghty, about an 1:50 minutes, but very informal. I highly recommend viewing ……………learn the truth. Only a personality like Donald Trump could do this, it is no wonder he walked ahead of the Queen and was even given the Saudi sword to hold. Only the King of Saudi Arabia holds that sword! They gave in to Trump………they had little choice!

It’s just gotten started!

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