VP Harris is hiding because she’s got nothing to say


President Biden is leading the league in not answering questions. VP Harris is not doing much better. As you may remember, Biden put VP Harris in charge of the border situation. So far, Harris has said nothing at all,as we are reminded inthis report from Fox News:

Vice President Kamala Harris’ relative silence regarding the topics of immigration and border security — since taking on an oversight role on those issues — continued to draw more media scrutiny Saturday.

It was the 18th day that Harris went without holding a news conference regarding her duties on the issues, since receiving the assignment from President Biden.

On Saturday, the WashingtonExaminerpublished an article headlined, “Kamala Harris MIA on border crisis.” It recapped the vice president’s recent travels to Connecticut, California and Illinois on matters unrelated to the migrant situation along the southern border.

Where is MadamVice President? I…

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One thought on “VP Harris is hiding because she’s got nothing to say”

  1. We can no longer allow our Republic to be ruled by Oligarchs:

    Multinational Corporations
    Legacy Media
    Big Tech
    Permanent Political Class

    Instead…demand election integrity — and coalesce our movement to promote the agenda of American workers and Small Business!


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