a thief in the night

Angry Golfer Throws Entire Bag Into Lake | Total Pro Sports
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I have felt like this before, but no I have never tossed my golf clubs in the lake.

On Thursday of this week, I played in my Metro Senior league, first day this Spring. Went home afterwards, but left my golf clubs in the trunk of my car. Yesterday I went to retrieve something from my golf bag, popped the trunk open and found an empty trunk. My clubs have been stolen. They were not a cheap set, and I loved my driver………and my irons. I feel like I have been violated. I am heartbroken. I do have homeowners though. But, my putter was special, it had the most comfortable grip on it I have ever had.

So, I’ll go to a golf store nearby and replace them, I’ll have to have them fitted. But!!!!!! They won’t feel the same. I can get the exact same Driver, but the irons, I replaced the grips to fit my hand……….. I can get the same grips. I am just ticked off, someone stole them.

What kind of person steals another mans golf clubs?!#$%@%^&!!!!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “a thief in the night”

  1. That’s just wrong!!! I used to play a lot of golf, but my back, after years of working as an EMT and Medic, did not like it. I also had a custom set of clubs. Loved them. Now my youngest son has them and works at a golf course in the Summer. Plays a lot of free golf. Lucky kid. But I feel your pain.


    1. I was an assistant pro for three years at a public course. Free golf!!! When I wasn’t working. I hit so many balls one summer at the range, I got tennis elbow in both arms. Couldn’t lift them up over my head. Went and bought a new set yesterday, bag and all. Definitely was fitted for them. The best part, I was able to replace the exact same Driver with the same shaft. Thank God for Home Owners!!

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