Show and tell – 3rd grader …. — The Goomba Gazette

LINKEDIN This is the guy that has the RED BUTTON at his disposal. Now I am serious. I don’t care if this dude is a democrat – socialist – or republican; TINFW he should be sitting in the THE BIG CHAIR. He is not only an embarrassment to himself, BUTT to the USA. Can’t help […]

Show and tell – 3rd grader …. — The Goomba Gazette

This is a show……….I am just not sure who is really in control? Biden is nothing more than a prop! He is worse than a cardboard prop., he speaks, just often making no sense! His action(s) are much more extreme than his past political ideas, indicating they do not come from him, he just stands there as though he is in charge. They think we the people are too stupid to see it. Many of us are! Biden just abides………his name is perfect for what he is doing (A)Biden. The extreme Left is controlling him, who exactly they are, I only have my suspicions. Obviously those closest to him are (A)Biden as well. Biden isn’t even feeling the heat……….they don’t let him near it, and they always have their hands on the thermostat! (Arlin Report comments)

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