This Needs to Go National

I am all in. Set the date…..SOON! National mask burning day. Don’t burn our flag, burning the f…ing masks!


As the saying goes: ‘They can’t arrest everybody.’ Seriously, what if we all went without masks and publicly burned those masks. We the People are the masters of our government, and it is our right to tell them we don’t like what they are doing. You know, that pesky old Constitutional guarantee of our right to peaceably assemble and to petition our government employees (that’s every single one of them; elected or appointed) for redress of grievances.

So why don’t we get behind this movement, whether organized or individual, and make our voices heard? Really, do you have the guts to be the power behind the government (as is intended) and rule yourself? How about it? Whether at state, local, or even just in your front yard. Invite your neighbors over for a mask burning. And some hot dogs. Make friends and get a tribe going.

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