Too good to be true? I hope they have video!!!

3 thoughts on “Too good to be true? I hope they have video!!!”

    1. The one article on the raid, they said they went in around 2 am; she was practicing a speech in front of her mirror. Can’t you just see that? They shot her in the neck with a tranquillizer, then placed a bag over her head and took her wherever! I think it would have been more fun to cuff her and escort her out. She’d be screaming and kicking, and cursing ………… Would love to see that. If this is all true she spat on the guards at GITMO and was screaming and kicking up a storm yelling “You can’t do this to me, I’m Hillary Clinton, my people will come for me; we’ll kill you and your families.” If all that is true, that is as good as a confession on the Clinton body count. I’d pay good money to see this documentary! 🙂


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