arlin report: podcasting resumed

I am now podcasting again (Spotify). I had been on hold due to some technical difficulties. I thought when I was recording, when the clock froze, my recording was frozen as well. I have been trying to record since Monday night/Tuesday morning. I noticed late last night/early this morning that I might be able to continue recording even when the clock froze. So I tried that……….yep the clock stopped but I kept talking, not knowing for sure if I was recording. At the end of my talk, I hit the stop recording button, ………….it was frozen. I exited out, went back in and it showed 21 minutes on my recording. I played it to make sure, I trust nothing. Then I had an issue saving it. Exited, went back and saved it successfully. Launched on first attempt! Yeah!!!!

I know you didn’t need to know all the details, but hey, after pretty much being idle for a few days I apparently have a lot to say. Besides if anyone out there is experiencing the same, maybe this will help. I wish someone could have told me that when the clock stops the recording does not. Thing is ……… It isn’t really working properly. The buttons should work. I even changed the batteries in my mouse, thinking the click button wasn’t working all the time. Wasn’t that! Anyway I found a way around it all. I have a tech looking into it. Thanks to him I now know my browser is Google Chrome 89. It was automatically updated to 89. I did not know that. If you don’t know what your browser is you can go to…………it immediately comes up for you (type that address in your browser, takes you there quickly). I am wondering if updating my browser to 89 has been causing my freezes (which only seem to occur after I have been idle for about 5 minutes).

Have a wonderful day! Glad I could help! 🙂

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