The great Democratic gun drop off!

Gun control seems to be big topic on the mind’s of Democrats everywhere. But it seems to be a stalemate issue, never going very far over the years. Well, I mean to change all that!

According to the stats from the last election, over 80 million voters went with Biden. Hurrah! By association then, that would indicate two important facts to me; 1) about half the adults in America identify as Democrats, and 2) they are all assumed to be anti-gun. (Sure, while it’s true that a few of them are perhaps avid hunters, I feel most are uncomfortable with any declared ‘weapon of war’ residing in their homes). So, I feel that asking them to make a ‘contribution’ to the effort would be widely accepted. Here’s my idea….

Beginning in 2021, I would like to see the DNC in conjunction with the White House, draft an ordinance, executive order…

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