This article is so disgraceful it’s almost sickening when you think about the level of dis-trust coming from the Speaker of our (the people’s) House in Washington,D.C. & again, a story Censored by our “Free Press” to we the people. Pelosi must be so Hateful it’s a real Threat to the Core for our Country’s Fabric of Loyalty…

Please share this article with your SOI for the good of our Country.

God Bless America and our men & women in Uniform who serve.

 She is such a disgrace! Nicest thing I can say about her.

She knows no boundaries!!

In a bit of news that received almost no news coverage last week, Republicans picked up another seat in the US House of Representatives. Let that sink in for just a moment. It took until February 5, 2021—three full months after the November election—for a House race to conclude in…

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