Arlin Report thought(s) of the day: deadly attacks are hand picked by media

Why is it, whenever we go through these periods of debates, finger pointing and particularly threats on gun control………gun violence seems to ignite. 10 dead in Boulder, and days ago the killing at the massage parlor, and who knows about elsewhere unreported by MSM, who only show interests when they can create a spark. Most killings (non-gun) across the country don’t have enough appeal for the media. They won’t report the death beating of a baby in St. Louis, just not as sexy enough (extreme sarcasm on my part). You can’t confiscate everyone’s fists (or hands) like you can their guns. I remember many years ago a man in Arizona ran around for days with the head of another man’s head in his rear window of his car before he was finally picked up. Not one word of this maniac on the news. There always needs to something to the store that will stir you up, it must be something that can be used POLITICALLY to be of any interests.

7 thoughts on “Arlin Report thought(s) of the day: deadly attacks are hand picked by media”

      1. Thanks for that info. I am having some issues with my computer, when it sets idle for a few minutes it freezes. Mouse moves but won’t click on to anything. Especially having problems in WordPress and the podcasts I am doing. Was freezing after 5:01 minutes. Been working on it, now have it where it freezes after 10:27 minutes. I don’t know if the reblog button is connected to that but, I’ll refer to WordPress. Will send them an email, it’ll only take them 48 – 72 hours to respond. That was sarcasm!

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      2. Lost my entire site yesterday, trying to fix my reblog button; apparently I re-installed WordPress over my original blog site. Lost my original, and they ask me if I wanted to create a site. Even though my front page existed, when I tried going to My Site, they said I didn’t have an account yet. So, I apparently rescanned over my entire site. I finally got it back this morning after several hours of trying to retrieve. Even their Recovery was no help. They said I should be able to recover with resetting my password through my email. Tried that about 10 times until it finally worked. So I reinserted about 10 passwords now. Never hit install if its already there. They even say you can re-install, but I won’t attempt that again. GOOD LUCK.


      3. I thought updates were supposed to help? I wish it were as simple as that for my freezing comp. while I am 8 minutes into recording. My cable to comp was a little loose, so I reinserted that……….apparently wasn’t that loose. Didn’t help, still freezing after 8 min. in recording mode. I have attempted a podcast about 8 times now.


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