Magic Hour for Gates — Aletho News

By Gary Jordan | Wake The F*** UP | March 15, 2021 Bill Gates wants to know everything about you. He wants to control every aspect of your life. His insatiable thirst for the supervision and scrutiny of every human being alive has sparked a US$1 billion investment that will blanket the earth in video surveillance satellites, […]

Magic Hour for Gates — Aletho News

Bill Gates is the greatest opportunist in history, modern history anyway. He does not hide his evil ways but you sometimes really have to look at the underlying work and words he speaks. This freak is satanic. You’d think however, Satan would give his understudy a bit more of a deceiving face……someone we wouldn’t suspect. But no…….you can see the evil in every wrinkle and especially every smirk. Maybe this is Satan. He certainly plays the part! (Arlin Report comment)

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