Now what is more fun during this cloud of darkness, to help people open their eyes to see, or to bust open the fake news game? My motivation is to find the truth and share it fast so others can share it too. So…look at this – we now know where the new rose garden is located. It’ is in Georgia!

May be an image of outdoors and text that says 'This was filmed in Atlanta at Tyler Perry studios...the stadium in the background was the former Turner stadium that was used by the Atlanta Braves and now is used by Georgia State University... ..isn't this fun? copied VZW Wi-Fi VPN wow 1:14 PM Comment x 97% snare www.instagram.com Instagram Log In Open App காa'

How can these people sleep at night? I mean…who are these people and what is their motivation? Who is in control? It sure doesn’t look like the Biden Administration has control of much of anything at the moment except the fake news. Or maybe they don’t really have control of that anymore either?

May be an image of sky and text

May be an image of outdoors and text

May be a Twitter screenshot of text that says 'robert petrosian @RobPetrosian The pressures that the secret service outs on journalists so that no one speaks! But Mr. Biden, everyone knows where the studio is! And where is the White House? #WhiteHouse #usa #Biden #trump2024 #PeopleAmerican #American 6:29 PM 3/12/21 Twitter for iPhone 173 Retweets 35 Quote Tweets 409 Likes'

Now you know why President Trump looks so calm and the Dems are in a panic torn outrage. We also know why the congress and the senate are always empty during C-Span daily congress issues. That…

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