Exposure of rot continues: Deceit on Biden ‘white house’ location

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REALLY do need to update my catalogue of Fulfilled Prophecies as there’s now lots more than 250 examples of prophecies that have come to pass, or are the process of becoming fulfilled – OR like this one as around 40th instance of my musing nearly 5 years ago “Is the Lord exposing rotten politics? UK, USA – next EU?”

Now let’s re-consider the content of a couple of recent postings and something even more intriguing:


The last couple of posts on “OOPS”, the Biden Show… revealed video evidence of the BIG LIE. Standing atop of a building close by the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, District of Columbia, journalist Richard Citizen filmed a TV showing news broadcast claiming to be ‘LIVE’ from the White House Rose Garden BUT there were NO people or media vans outside the building and NO security presence whatsoever!


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