hear the arlin report on podcasts

Todays podcast from the Arlin Report can be listened to below. First moment will be an ad for Anchor………..where I create my podcasts from…….then a bit of intro music into my podcast. This is new to me, I’m a little rough along the edges for now; should get better………I hope. I have learned that writing my blog and converting it to the podcast does not sound as good as just recording directly. No script another words. I just need to get used to that. A new radio voice! Bare with me. Or Bear with me, whichever you prefer! 🙂 yes I know the difference.

I have now launched three podcast from the Arlin Report. Down below are the links were the podcasts are available. You can see them all on Spotify. Go to Spotify (you may need to set up your own account, free!), click on PODCASTS from the category list, and do a search for Arlin Report………..should come up! Here are some other locations with the links below: PocketCasts, Breaker, and RadioPublic. Google Podcasts will soon be available as well.

https://pca.st/ppxhhk2u (PocketCasts)


Not yet available on Google Podcasts, they are working on it. Available soon!

I am not going to worry about censorship. I will say what I think, when sharing my opinion. That is honesty! I will not worry about, political correctness, that’s not honesty.

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