Human Trafficking

This problem is greater than is being and probably ever will be reported. It isn’t just America, it is world wide, and has been going on for at least 1,500 years. The Illuminati organization of thugs, with the original 13 family bloodlines were deep into trafficking, which included Satanism, satanic rituals. The problem is sickening, what they do, and they have trafficked via underground, literally through tunnels. Have housed the victims in tunnels. Trump was fighting this, did more than any other president to do so. Obama didn’t, no, probably because he was a trafficking participant. Hillary, oh yeah! And take a look at Hunter Biden! Trafficking in the world’s number one commodity, greater than oil! Elite folks, they follow the money don’t they!

The way I see things ...

Said she had two chief realizations on the topic: “One, that there’s a serious abuse of America’s very generous asylum and refugee policies. And second, it helps no one, not Americans, not the ones who vote for this either.” She added that a lot of people lose their lives on the way to the United States, and the rampant presence of sex and human trafficking along with other human rights abuses.

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