So far, J J (#Jokin-Joe) is #Bullet-Proof ….

The guy is a creep, and if he pulled this off around my granddaughters, wife etc………. I’d knock him on his ass! Secret Service or no Secret Service!

The Goomba Gazette

The ‘Breakfast Club’ co-host argued that Tara Reade’s claims about Biden are ‘more serious’ than the Cuomo allegations

It is about time that some notable people recognize the severity of J J sexual misconduct. The man has been flying under the radar for years, going completely undetected and not held accountable for his misconduct. The proof is staring the public in the face, but because of who he is, he has been drawing a pass.

I don’t think Trump pushed these issues against J J hard enough during his campaign. It may have made a big difference with the ladies. He was more focused in Biden’s kid. Possibly he did not want to shed a light on his history.

8 Women Have Accused Joe Biden Of Sexual Misconduct ……

Former Vice President and presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been accused of sexual misconduct and inappropriate…

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