Situation Update – Is FAKE Prez. Biden about to be exposed and removed? | DC Clothesline

There have been occasions where you see this video or news cast with video with Biden………..and you take a good look and say to yourself “That isn’t Joe Biden”. The mask or makeup is poorly done like a cheaply made Hollywood low cost movie. His face sometimes looks like rubber. Also, shots from inside the “so called WH” haven’t been accurate. Close but no cigars! Wrong wall paper or wrong window background. You should not see a vehicle outside the oval office window behind the desk. Many times as well, it looks like the WH is closed down……..really dark. Nobody home!!! All this has something to do with the fencing around D.C. Pelosi is not in charge of that fence or the soldiers present. NO AUTHORITY AT ALL FROM HER. She’d like you to believe she is in charge. Razor wire on the inside not the outside, to keep people in! We have a prison camp waiting for occupancy!

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(Natural News) Fake President Biden, an imposter whose puppetmasters rigged the election to carry out an illegal, criminal coup against America, may be on the verge of being exposed and removed. Many startling anomalies continue to surface, including the fact that US Marines are, at times, no longer stationed outside the Oval Office, even when Jen Psaki claims “President Biden” is working inside.

For over a century, every U.S. President has given a State of the Union address in either January or February, yet there is zero talk of such an address coming from Biden. Given that everything else about Biden has been a staged theatrical production — the fake inauguration, his fake “acceptance” speech, a rigged election, etc. — we must wonder whether the Biden green screen production team will try to pull off some sort of artificial, pre-recorded State of the Union address and claim “covid”…

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