………..and then i said, what nuclear football? arlin report thought(s) of the day

35 + Dems want Biden to give up the Nuclear Football (Codes), they know Dementia Joe is a shaky ticking nuke time bomb! The joke could be on them, Joe had to give China something in return for the payments he and Hunter received. Did Joe’s first conversation with Xi Jinping go something like this: “Nancy wants the Nuke Football………..then I said, what nuclear football, XI already bought it with a few million (to Hunter to me) and he helped (fixed) me win the election. Besides I never was any good at football!”

History hints Biden will build back better China ties - Asia Times


7 thoughts on “………..and then i said, what nuclear football? arlin report thought(s) of the day”

  1. Damn, that is scary. Get out of jail free. Not surprised though. Democrat run cities… I don’t hate the democrats, they know not what they do. Everyone says vote them out of office. Yea RIGHT! When hell freezes over. The fact that no one did anything about the stolen presidential elections, then we learn the elections have been fixed for a long, long time. No wonder we have been unable to vote anyone out.
    They let non-citizens become president and vice president, we endured 8 years of Obuma without him doing anything except playing golf, travelling and taking selfies.
    Trump came in with good ideas, making America first. America was booming, and I am actually surprised they didn’t kill him, not for lack of trying though. They could not risk 4 more years of Trump, all their plans would have dissolved. One world govt. Biden, a mindless puppet, has turned over most of Trumps Executive Orders, and its ok if he missed any, he signs everything put in front of him.
    I guess that as crooked as that fucker has always been, he owes someone big time, and he is paying his dues now. Lets face it, he has screwed a lot of people in order to get rich. Pelosi inherited, and stole her success, too many have. How bout Diane Feinstein, and Maxine Waters? They have literally been in bed with America’s enemies for many years, robbed the poor to give to themselves, and never done a damned thing for the people they are supposed to be working for.
    I can’t believe that no one has succeeded in voting them out of office. I think people gave up on getting rid of them. I bet those people never dreamed that would still be in office at 90 years old though.
    Just like Supreme Court Justices, no matter how old and decrepit they get, they stay in there ruling on cases. But how can it be that all these people have sworn to abide by and uphold the Constitution, when they spend their entire careers violating that oath, and nobody does anything about it?
    How many times does the Constitution have to be analyzed? It as been analyzed for the past two hundred years. You telling me the ain’t figured it out yet? And they keep their positions?
    We are in sad shape my friends.


    1. When they take an oath with their hand on the Bible, it means nothing to them. They are not spiritual, many are in fact satanic. They are committed to one another only. What I just said, they’ll respond that I belong to a theory conspiracy group. No I don’t I only seek the truth. Have a great day my friend.

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  2. Can’t help but to wonder, why America gets these lunatics. Fauci said we don’t need masks, then he said we need masks. Now he says we need two masks.
    Fauci said one shot, then he said two shots, we are now up to three shots. Gates says 5 shots.
    The virus has never even been isolated, so how did they come up with a vaccine?
    And the American people, seeing all these businesses closed…Courts have been closed for how long? And now are doing Zoom conferences instead of going to court? For years the appellate courts have held that the trial courts know best on certain issues, because they were able to observe the people in court. What court now? A zoom video conference has replaced live court hearings.
    And the American people are putting up with all their neighbor’s stores going under, restaurants, and being told they can never go to a theater again?
    Damn! We have gotten very wimpy. Everyone needs to take their masks, thrown them on the ground and holler NO MORE!
    But they won’t. They will wear 2 masks, three masks, or four.
    I am becoming ashamed of us. Other countries are out there fighting their asses off for the closing of small businesses, for being forced out of work, for being forced to stay 6 feet apart, and being forced to wear face diapers. Americans?
    Americans get caught up in a bullshit false flag event that Pelosi and others set up at the capital on inauguration day. And bitch AOC, whose office is across the street, and she wasn’t even in the capital, comes on tv, crying about how scared she was, and that they were looking for her, her life was in danger. What a lying bitch! So they go out and arrest everyone they can pinpoint that was at the capital that day. Let them sit in jail rotting while the people that burned, looted, pillaged and killed during the many riots, are bought their way out of jail by our govt and George Soros!

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    1. Not sure what it will take to wake people up. Jan. 6th was good to see, except for the fake Hill crashers. Even that, the crying politicians, because these protester/rioters that got in got within range of them. It was horrible for them!!!! Poor babies, they haven’t given a rat’s ass about the people in the summer riots that lost their businesses to arson, looting, vandalism and in some cases friends or family members killed. Where were the Pelosi’s the Harris’ and AOC’s (though she was shivering blocks away) then? Illinois, a neighbor state to us, now are not charging a bail amount for people arrested. Get out of jail free, no more bail bonds to pay. The judge has to approve it most felony cases though, which with liberal ass judges in Illinois, they’ll let everyone out. This is total insanity. Hardly anyone in Illinois contested this, not even families of victims.

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