The New “Driver Protection” Law

I would not have waited for a state law to be passed to move forward in traffic when threatened by such people who have a history of violence. I would live to defend my action in court if need be. If you are stupid even to surround a car and pound on it, make threats and you end up with broken bones, cuts and so forth that’s on your own stupidity.

The Lone Cactus

Oh, it’s certainly sweeping the country, especially after last years riots in dozens of cities across the countries. You know the drill. Mobs of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters swarm onto a highway someplace, typically in some inner city, and stop traffic, tying up transportation for hours while they bang on hoods and roofs of vehicles, and even in some more extreme cases, pull people out of their cars and beat them because they have the wrong color skin. It happened over and over again.

And it’s about to do a 180.

States all over the country are introducing “Driver Protection Laws”, whereby if you find yourself in that situation, ad you’re scared for your safety and that of your family or passengers, should you happen to just move forward and hit some of those protesters, you won’t be charged with a crime, even if some of them die…

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