Questioning the QB

We saw this coming months before the election. Most voters could plainly see Biden was not all there! The election was stolen. The Dems knew he wasn’t right as well. The plan all along was to drag him to the WH, then slip Harris in. Harris of course is their PUPPET. Obama is ruling the day, in the shadows. We warned you about this.

The Texas Piney Woods (Blog)

House Democrats are encouraging the Commander in Chief to give up sole authority to order the use of American nuclear weapons. Among the proposals is that he also get permission from the VP and Speaker of the House. Can you imagine a general during the heat of battle having to get permission from subordinates to act?

The bigger question is why? Why now? Why him?

Do the Democrats know what everyone else suspects? Joe Biden isn’t all there. He’s lost a step when he didn’t have that many steps to give.

And if he’s not competent enough for this task, should he really be in the oval office? Was that the plan all along?

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