8 thoughts on “WATCH: Did Kerry ‘collude’ with Iran against Trump?”

  1. Looks like everyone colluded with everyone to get rid of Trump. The Italians, the vatican, the germans, and I am sure that there were several more, especially from our own govt. Good grief, a man that actually loved this country. After seeing all the turncoats, the bumbling idiots that we have in govt. life long perpetrators, stealing our hard earned tax dollars. Hell, even the run offs in GA they still used the Dominion voting machines. Like dduuuhhhh! Are we so friggin backwoods that we fall for that sort of shit? After all the hooplah of those damned machines, we trusted the senate run off vote to Dominion, and expected a different outcome. What is it that they say about crazy people, they keep doing the same thing and expecting different results? Something like that. Yea, I guess we are a bunch of stupid hicks, because we let them get away with it both times. GA Govt. is so corrupt, that they don’t even care anymore. Who’s going to do anything about it?
    All you have to do, is drive around and count the number of people driving in their cars alone, and wearing that stupid face diaper. If they weren’t dumb enough already, lets deprive them of a little more oxygen and see what happens!


    1. I know right! With the mask when you are alone in your car. That is so idiotic, and you see a lot. From what I understand we have undeniable proof (the military knows, even tracked the voting) the election was rigged. There was about 6 countries including the Vatican that were in on it. The military even tracked the wired payments to these countries (which came from the Vatican Bank) when they saw the votes flipped, they sent the money. With that proof of foreign interference it nullifies the election. Trump won. It is going to come out soon, if from what I have seen/heard is true. The Supreme Court would have no say in it. The military supposedly is in charge now. I believe a lot will be exposed soon. Much about the corruption; especially with human and child trafficking. Politicians heavily involved, including Judge John Roberts. 80% of politicians in D.C. are corrupt. This is why the fence is still up around D.C., the razor wire is on the inside, to keep people from getting out. Lots should be happening in the next 30 days, starting Sunday when Trump speaks. More Swamp creatures to be exposed hopefully. 🙂

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      1. Trump is this country’s last best hope. Biden needs a diaper, his memory is gone. It’s amazing, but I just heard someone saying that the military industrial complex wants to keep Biden, even without a mind. Who would be easier to control than a child? Exploitation of the elderly is a crime.
        But of course, when you control the laws, the judges, the police, and 1/3 of the people in the country wearing diapers on their faces while driving alone, what do we expect.
        I just pray it is not too late for us, our kids and grandkids. Our forefathers are most assuredly ashamed of us, for letting this happen while we slept.


      2. A nightmare, looks like what we are leaving them. A world of censorship, only bad guys have guns, and everyone wearing masks and staying 10 feet away from one another, so that when they come after one with a cattle prod, they won’t be crowded, or else the drone strikes won’t take out but one person at a time. Take your pick. History has proven to us that the bad guys are a sick bunch of sons of bitches, and they will not hold back the horrors they will inflict upon mankind.

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