what we are seeing is coming from another source and it ain’t joe

There have been many things Joe Biden has said and done that I have not and do not agree with; this going back many years. My opposing thoughts and positions would often be adamantly extreme.

I don’t personally know Joe Biden. I do know a person’s character is developed and shaped by our experiences more than anything and too often what has been drilled into them. This of course is true of all of us. It is called learning and it is not always from positive sources but from miss guidance.

Being able to separate good from evil, bad from wrong comes from experience, what we read, what we hear, all of which we rely on to be true from the sources we choose and have been born with; from parents, grandparents, family, teachers and preachers. We trust them. Sometimes we even listen. Often times we do not. We must find our own way as those we follow are not always right, despite good intentions. We find our own paths and explore. We go down the right road and occasionally the wrong road. A fork in the road or detours without a map creates a daring challenge. But we choose. We may experience things we do not expect or understand. We learn from mistakes, but also repeat them……..and never seem to learn. Repercussions can be brutal when we learn late……I didn’t say ‘too late’.

I may not like a person’s character or understand where he/she is coming from, because I haven’t walked in their shoes. So jump on the act not the actor; or in our present situation those who are taking advantage of a man past his time and is sincere that it is him we see, because he so desperately wants it to be. I believe we are being lead by a man who is being lead and manipulated by people who want to destroy us for power and an agenda that can only come from evil forces.

As I have said, I have often been a polar opposite of Joe Biden, past and certainly present. This character before us isn’t even the Joe Biden we’ve ever known. The real Joe has already taken a seat. We are fighting something else. But it ain’t Joe.

I guess in a nutshell, I am saying “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” It ain’t just Joe!

I also believe we control our own destiny and God is at our side.

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