We can remake it, go back to the Constitution. But, many, and I mean many must be imprisoned and some executed first. Then we have a chance. In 1871 we became a corporation at the demand of the Cabal bankers, who loaned us funds to reconstruct. We were not a republic. Trump dissolved the corporation 2 years ago, while in London (where the corporation papers were filed). Lincoln was killed because he would not have agreed to becoming a corporation. Kennedy because he was going to expose it all. This is why the Dems and many Repubs HATE Trump, exposure. My guess is, significant news is coming soon.


Yes – what have we allowed to happen in our country? Biden calls for unity – mean while the left are using communistic tactics to manage the country while the right is standing up for the Constitution. Not until the left gets on the Constitution’s track can we have unity. The left has used these none Constitution tracks since Obama was in charge and we have stood silently by. As usual, the left is still trying to impeach Trump even as a citizen.

Some on the right are still leaving puppy dog trails behind the left. And I say to these elite:

“Don’t piss on my boots and tell me it’s raining.”

(The meaning is : Don’t do something bad to me and try to fool me into thinking it’s something harmless/unintentional.)

We will see you elite at the polls because you all are not following the Constitution but committing…

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