She is a disgrace to politics (that is very hard to do) ….

The really stupid don’t even hide their stupidity.

The Goomba Gazette

Maxine Waters says Trump should be charged with ‘premeditated murder’

Waters voted with other House Democrats and 10 Republicans on Jan. 13 to impeach Trump for “inciting an insurrection.”

Grandstanding fool.

I think it is hilarious when fools like this one do all the grandstanding, putting others down, when their closets are so full of skeletons they can’t close the door.

Image result for Closet Full of Skeletons. Size: 120 x 160. Source:

This old battleax is about as dirty as they come and has the BALLS to roll boulders at anyone. She is disgraceful. The old broad plays her cards to the hilt. Because she is black – a women and can shout a lot louder than most, she knows she can get away with just about anything, and has.

Maxine’s In Big Trouble, Busted For ‘Illegal Dealings …

Jan 25, 2019·Maxine Waterswas just blindsided…

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