Kangaroo Court In Session

Is it even Joe we see? The face is like rubber, the eyes are deeply sunken in the sockets with dark balls and more slanted. He looks like a disguised face from a Mission Impossible movie, or maybe alien like.

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The Democrats “hated” Donald Trump, his family, and all of his Bible-reading followers. The leftists in this country wanted you to know just how much they hated him, so they “impeached”him for a second time, just to “hate”him some more.

Ironically, the impeachment is unconstitutional because 1) the president already left office and cannot be removed, and 2) Supreme Court chief justice John Roberts “refuses” to preside over the impeachment because, well, it’s unconstitutional.  Ya think?

In a “brilliant stroke of genius”, the Democrats have now unwittingly brought “back a man”who had just exited the stage with 80 plus million angry followers, again to “centerstage.”

This is the same group of 80 plus million people who firmly believe that the 2020 election was “rigged” and Biden, who’s going to go down as the “Fraud-In-Chief” is a usurper.

Emperor “Sniffy” Joe just said that this second farcical…

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