DC Delusions

I certainly could not have said this better. 100% spot on!

The Rio Norte Line

I guess the Democrats think the Capitol complex should look like the Green Zone in Baghdad. The barricades and razor wire are said to be permanent.

Last night as I listened to clips of Sandy from the Westchester Block saying Ted Cruz was literally – LITERALLY – trying to get her killed, how Kevin McCarthy showed up one the House floor wearing a white hood and surrounded himself with a cadre of Republican white supremacists, my first thought was that she was just as dumb as a rock and in need of a good spanking.

After I got past the idea of giving her one, I just couldn’t help thinking that these are the remarks of terribly insecure and paranoid people.

These reactions and accusations are not just out of simple ignorance or childish immaturity.

I am amazed at the sheer totality of paranoia and insecurity being exhibited by these…

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