psalm 37:3

Psalm 37:3

January 28, 2021

Today is the coldest day of the year here in Missouri….. 19 degrees. Snow on the ground from yesterday……….our annual snow fall. Some years we get zero snow. Tomorrow most of it will melt. Temp will rise to 47 in next couple of days.

Beautiful outside. Have a wonderful day!

3 thoughts on “psalm 37:3”

    1. I have seen that link you sent to me already. Actually just moments ago. Didn’t agree with all of it so I didn’t re-post it. However, I do believe things are happening behind the scenes as we speak, which isn’t new…….things have always happened behind the scenes. There are 2 reopenings…….one is the reset that the globalist want, that was the purpose of COVID. Distract and kill many of us. Less people to deal with the better they think. This re-opening is being fought, like a war to to keep socialist globalist and CHINA out. The Great Awakening is also going on behind the scenes. Where the Illuminati, the Globalist and the 70% of our corrupt politicians/officials and citizens are exposed, arrested, convicted (in quick military tribunals) and executed. I don’t mean 70% of the corrupt politicians, I mean 70% of the politicians that ARE CORRUPT (This includes Satin’s princess Hillary R. Clinton). So take off that damn mask and SMILE.

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