looks like sen. roy blunt is in cuffs

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt………

I have seen this video from 3 or 4 different sources. No one is saying this is fake……….2-2 1/2 days ago. Who is next?

3 thoughts on “looks like sen. roy blunt is in cuffs”

    1. No…..I am not sure if he really was, because apparently he voted that the impeachment was unconstitutional. There is nothing in D.C. that is believable anymore. I should actually say verifiable. All I know is no one has said the video of the arrest was fake. Not even Blunt’s office. At this point anyway.


    2. I have been doing further research on this……the more I dig, the crazier it gets. I have a photo of Biden and his wife on the steps of the capitol with Blunt and his wife. She is wearing a coat very similar to the coat of the woman that is escorting Blunt, supposedly with his hands cuffed. It is not the same coat. It almost looks like they are trying to pass the U.S. Marshall who is escorting Blunt, to make it look like she is Blunt’s wife, and they are just leaving the capitol together. I can clearly see the difference in the two coats. One has a flap over the right shoulder, the other does not have the flap. Also the front buttons are not the same, one has more buttons than the other. I am not sure what is going on but something is.


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