01/12/21 Update

Numerous videos (informational/notification) from Dr. Charlie Ward (UK currently living in Spain) and Simon Parkes (U.K.) confirms/shares information nearly identical (very similar); with some variations, depending on how, if or when things occur that may cause changes. Arrests have been made already. For instance, Prime Minister of Italy, (Italy involved with interfering in our election….greatly) has been arrested. People in Spain, Germany, U.K. and VATICAN arrested. Nearly 223,000 indictment cases filed throughout U.S. in every state, Puerto Rico. 70-75% of our politicians and government officials and employees are corrupt. As Dr. Charlie Ward says in each of his videos; “relax, stay calm, don’t panic, grab some pop corn and enjoy the show.” Also, as more is revealed to us daily, we will be shocked who the dirty filthy players (the mass corruption) are and what they have done. You know their names, many you have watched on TV and movies, bought their albums, are political figures from the halls of Congress. They’ve been involved in child (human) trafficking, pedophilia, and sickening acts of satanic rituals.  These are people we put our trusts in.  Grab the pop corn, get plenty of it…… This is going to take some time. Lot of corruption out there. Where’s Hunter? Where’s Hillary?

Nicks Intel Update

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources, MarkZ’s sources, and Bruce’s sources and others saying that the RV release, liquidity shotgun start, & T4B start may happen any time over the next seven days or so under the cover of the current military deployments inside and outside the USA to arrest Deep State rats; Deep State rats (like Pelosi et al) have tried to flee but it is in vain as every last one of them will be apprehended, arrested, and prosecuted before military tribunals;
. He confirmed that the black outs in Iran over the past 6-12 hours are Alliance Special Force units taking out Deep State leaders and targets behind global & regional terrorism in Iran that among other things were going to try to interfere with the Iraqi RV release any time over the coming several days (https://twitter.com/AParsi/status/1349039600254267395); he said that these missions in Iran…

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