Government intervention at it’s best ….

The Goomba Gazette

Government intervention; you can take it to the bank or bet your #sweet-little-ass, anything that the government gets involved in is nothing but a #klusterfuk.

It is been proven time after time that #privatization is the way to go when they want to EXPRESS something.

They had months to get ready to distribute the vaccine; the military was supposed to be all prepared, waiting in the wings to hits the street, all of the dead-beat in DC were in high gear or supposed to be. Government involvement is nothing but a farce and a f-in joke.

Between poor planning, not enough people to distribute it or give the shots, precious vaccine thrown away because it was not refrigerated, vaccine be in bootleg; it turned into another three ring circus thanks to you Uncle Sam it is Midnight riders.

Just hold on to your hats and bonnets. This type of government…

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