Trump IS the President 2021,Freedom is the Choice, Biden is A FAKE. America is OUR Country(I still have a little fight left in me)

Trump:The American Years

Before Donald J. Trump was even sworn into office the Obama/Biden administration was planning to take him out.They used spies,lying to the FISA court,leaking,foreign intel agencies and our agencies from the FBI to the State Dept to acheive their goal;to cash in their “insurance policy.” Hillary Clinton paid for the phony dossier they used. They pulled it off with help from the media but they didn’t acheive the goal.

While Donald Trump was in office Hillary Clinton said she was part of the “Resistance.” Remember that?The Resistance movement started the day Trump was sworn in. Hillary acted like she was so proud to be part of it.

Antifa and BLM took to the streets. In the Democrat controlled cities they ran wild. There was nobody to stop them. Pres Trump could have invoked the insurrection act,but he didn’t.They were destroying buildings and businesses. They were tearing down our national…

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