arlin report thought(s) of the day: now on mEWE

I have joined MeWe as another source for communicating. Parler has temporarily been shut down ……….due to Big Tech’s censoring (The Apple app’s cancelled Parler). Parler is working on getting back up via another platform.

Big Tech only wants to hear from those that agree with their radical leftist ways. They only want to share what meets their agenda. Freedom of speech is not in their playbook. This includes Twitter (which I have quit using some time ago), Facebook, and Google and Apple. The big boys got too big for their own pants and are about to go bust!

I look forward to being back on Parler soon. Nothing wrong with having multiple sources to listen to, follow and speak out!

Things are happening!

5 thoughts on “arlin report thought(s) of the day: now on mEWE”

  1. Can you delete my comment on where you can find me on MeWe? I have blog troll enemies looking for my social media accounts and they will post this information on their hate sites. So far, it looks like they haven’t found me there. And can you delete this reply as well? I don’t want these clowns to see this and use it to try finding any other sites I might be on.


  2. Can you delete my comment about MeWe and also this comment? I have blog enemies looking for my social media sites to troll against me.


    1. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to confirm stories. Now I am hearing the Pope was not arrested. However, some residents of Italy are claiming the story is true. Also conflicting stories about whether Trump signed the Insurrection Act. Fact checkers like Snopes are saying no. But, there has been some activity that indicates he did or at least may have. Conflictions come from what has normally been good sources of information. This is what happens when the MSM has lied so much. You can not believe anyone anymore. The thing to is; when you hear the story from multiple sources for the first time and the stories are alike…….you tend to start believing. All I know is the sun will come up in the next couple of hours.


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