the swamp…….dems and repubs alike. becoming more clear : arlin report thought(s) of the day

President Trump: Righting a "Wrong"? | Florissant, MO Patch

The Swamp (The Deep State, the Establishment, the elite, the globalists) are Democrats (Democratic Socialists), Republicans and Independents and all want to do more than just get rid of Trump. They want to SILENCE him, destroy him. Actually, to be honest I am surprised he has not been assassinated. I am certain, they have thought of that, but they don’t want to martyr him, turn him into an even greater legend.

Who these Swamp RATS are is becoming more clear each passing day. There is one on Fox News as I write this, I won’t mention his name. I will say he is a Rhino that has been against Trump day one. And no I am talking about Mitt Romney. That marshmallow has always been clear to us, he couldn’t fight his way out of a paper sack.

Now that Trump is about out of office, all want to abandon him, condemn him.

The Georgia Senate run-off wasn’t as big a deal as they all made it out to be. Because truth is whether it was 48-52 or 51-49 or 50-50 in the Senate; now that Trump is about gone (as they believe) they will proceed with their smoke filled back office deals as they did before Trump arrived. THEY ARE IN THE SWAMP TOGETHER. ALOT OF THEIR BICKERING IS STAGED, TO MAKE YOU THINK YOU ARE REPRESENTED. WILL YOU ARE NOT AND WON’T BE. SENATORS LIKE JOSH HAWLEY AND TED CRUZ CAN’T DO IT ALONE. THEY ACTUALLY NEED WE THE PEOPLE………..TO NOT GO AWAY.

Trump should DECLASSIFY all he has and do it now. They, all of them, all of the above, Dems and Repubs alike are afraid of Trump. They have reason to be……….. Don’t protect them Mr. President. Look what they have done to you! Expose them, to US.

3 thoughts on “the swamp…….dems and repubs alike. becoming more clear : arlin report thought(s) of the day”

    1. He is not a racist. Anything you disagree with in a person you refer to them as racist. Which is racist itself. A hate statement, hate thought. He never told anybody to break into the Capitol. Adults are responsible for their own action. Many times when MLK Jr. spoke it followed with a riot. I guess we could have called him out for inciting a riot? Kamala Harris should be held accountable for encouraging and saying they should protest and riot throughout the summer, which she did. Double standards hey!!!


      1. You are a joke,Dr King was for the betterment of Man kind and even that Racist trash Trump you support stays giving Dr king respect,so I know where you stand,Trump told those thugs to go to the capital and he has been very vocal,you got select vision and alot of folks are turning on Trump and they will bounce from you as well,however you Klansmen gotta stick together, Kamala Harris was speaking about the Racist cops and Justice system openly against Black people,George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Stevie Wonder can see how racist things are,you just choose not to


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