A Fraudulent Election Means Biden Should Not be President

Biden and Harris do not care about national unity. The patriots (which does not include all Republicans and does include some Democrats and Independents are basically a separate class of people from the Left. Good riddance! We are a most divided nation!


He’s NOT my President! That is Biden IS NOT MY PRESIDENT!! Cheating in life and a fraudulent election does not give one the authority to hold a high position such as the Presidency of the United States. The votes of dead people does not mean LEGAL VOTES! Here in Australia the Sky News ran this piece; ‘President-elect Joe Biden says Donald Trump is one of the “most incompetent” presidents in US history and the “quickest” way to get him out of office is the inauguration on January 20. “I’ve been saying now for well over a year, he is not fit to serve,” Mr Biden said. “He’s one of the most incompetent presidents in the history in the United States of America. “I think that what 81 million people stood up and said is it’s time for him to go. “So, I think it’s important we get on with…

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