blm activist inside capitol …….


Patriot Debbie3 hours ago·40k@Djbz “If they want to prosecute those who stormed the Capitol they can start with John Sullivan of Utah, BLM activist…”

6 thoughts on “blm activist inside capitol …….”

  1. Actually, I don’t care if the people that stormed the Capitol were BLM, Antifa, or Trump supporters. They tried to overthrow the government. That’s called TREASON. Do you know what the penalty for Treason is? Death. Execute them!


    1. No, I don’t either, they were in on it together! Execution? We don’t hold anyone accountable these days! And……..and because Sullivan was identified……the post said “…….start with this guy.” Get them all! I believe there is more to this siege than meets the eye. The ones inside could have done much more damage than they did. No statues turned over, no graffiti…….. A few windows and doors knocked out. It was wrong to break in. There is video of D.C. cops opening a gate and waving protesters (along with Antifa) inside and directing them to a window they easily broke to get inside. I am sure you have seen the window many went through. What we see is for a perception of what they want us to believe what transpired. All I am saying is there is more to this than meets the eye. Come on! I can go to any federal building around St. Charles and St. Louis County………and not even come close to breaking in. Whether I go alone or take 300,000 people with me. It ain’t that easy!

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      1. While I agree with what you’re saying, it’s appearing that there was a combination of Trump supporters and Antifa and BLM. Apparently, the woman that was shot and killed was a former Air Force Veteran and a Trump supporter. I heard an interview with her husband today. So, while it may have been some Trump people, they have indeed identified a lot of liberal snowflake leftists. And you may be right…it’s not that easy to get into the Capitol Building…even IF you have a pass!

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