Long Past Time for Conservatives to Abandon the GOP

I am all in on a third party, where Republican Rhinos are left out. They’ll be begging to join, but can stay in their own loser party.

The Whole Shebang (mostly)

Pat Bagley, The Salt Lake Tribune, UT

It’s my fervent hope the two Georgia Senate runoff elections are the last time conservatives will be forced to vote for Republicans because no conservative alternatives exist. For over 30 years conservatives have been told by the rich who run the Republican party that we have no choice but to hold our nose and vote for candidates who will turn on us immediately after they’re sworn into office.

Republican election victories don’t mean conservatives will win anything. It only means conservatives will lose slower. Compare what Obama did for his base during his eight years in office with what Republicans have done through the decades.

William Voegeli, senior editor of the Claremont Review, refreshes our memory: “Since 1994 Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency for 12 years, and never once during that time did the party ever zero out funding…

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