Rep. Bill Pacrell, misguiding us from the constitution (arlin report thought(s) of the day)

To this moron Rep. Bill Pascrell: The House members who backed the Texas suit were backing “A SUIT”. Meaning they were supporting a court action. Something that was being done the LEGAL way. I know the term LEGAL is one Democrats no longer follow and has no meaning. They (the members you want to give the boot) are not traitors; they were not/are not trying to OVERTURN an election, they are trying to preserve and award the LAWFUL WINNER OF THE ELECTION. If you can not see the MASSIVE voter fraud in this election, it is not because you are blind and stupid (though you may be), it is because you are FILTHY CORRUPT. LOOK IN THE MIRROR TO WHO MUST GO! Stop misinterpreting the constitution to twist the TRUTH to your CORRUPT AGENDA! It is interesting you brought up the Civil War.

Look below in the highlighted headline and below from Yahoo (news???).

House members who backed Texas suit must go: Rep

Democratic Rep. Bill Pascrell cited Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, enacted after the Civil War to keep traitors out of the government.

‘Trying to overturn a democratic election’ »

(From Arlin): Keeping traitors out of the government! I agree, and CHINA JOE BIDEN must be KEPT OUT! Democratic elections are “fair” elections. There was nothing “democratic” about this election. People should be going to jail. Felonies committed.

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