NOT TURNING IT OVER OR FLIPPING IT……..JUST WANT TO GET IT RIGHT!!!!!! arlin report thought(s) of the day

Both those from the Left and Right complaining, whining that Trump is trying to overturn the election. That isn’t true. It is about GETTING IT RIGHT! The MainStream Media, CNN, MSNBC, yes even FOX, CBS, ABC AND NBC all just want us to move on without any further questions, debates or challenges (to include legal lawsuits). Gee what are they afraid of? The truth! WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO QUESTION THE OUTCOME OF AN ELECTION WHEN THERE IS SOOOOOOOO MUCH EVIDENCE OF CHEATING. How many videos, how many affidavits does it take……… takes however many it takes. By the way the definition of an affidavit is:

An AFFIDAVIT: a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for USE AS EVIDENCE IN COURT. Key word EVIDENCE!

I am not going to paste all the videos and copies of affidavits here, I don’t have the time……….I’d be here until Christmas 2021 before I got them all in. They are easy to find……….everyone has seen them, many on the Left and unfortunately the Right just choose to ignore. That would include lawyers and judges! They just want this challenge to the election to go away, so Sleepy, Creepy Joe can just stumble into the White House……..uncontested. These are the same people that didn’t want to hear about Hunter Biden’s love affair with his personal pay-pal known as China……..especially with the Big Guy’s involvement (Sleepy Joe). Hunter is under investigation for his taxes……..Did he pay taxes on all that China money? HaHa, don’t kid yourself. You know all the China activity with Hunter’s business that Joe said he knew nothing about! The laptop is supposedly being looked at……..they’ve had it for some time (FBI). The Big Guy got at least 10%. Probably more………..10% of millions can be quite a payday (buyout). Joe Biden has been bought.

The GA’s that have joined the Texas law suite against the swing states, have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to do so! And they are doing it lawfully, unlike those that have intentionally committed fraud (treason) against the American people. That is what this is about.

And how about this lying, hypocrite Rep. Eric Swalwell? One of the biggest lying mouths along with lying Adam Schiff. EXTREME HYPOCRITES. In Washington the NORM is to accuse someone, literally frame theme for things you yourself are doing. That is the Democratic Socialist’s way; the Nancy Pelosi Gang.

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