Today is Sunday! Shabot Shalom

The Butcher Shop

Doc Greene

Today, Please pray for America ; for selfish and unresponsive Christians and Jews who do not think about anyone but themselves when they should be crying out for their nation. We need to pray for fresh annointing on them , that we would repent as a nation. Yeshua , the Mighty God In Christ , says that he has the battle when it comes to retaining President Trump in office! We must Pray that the bulk of the church, mostly unbelievers, do not bring this nation under further judgment for their own selfishness, and their lack of care as to where the country is going. We need to pray today these SUNDAY ONLY “ Christians” will wake up to hear the call to prayer and boldly share the gospel. Sadly An apathetic church brings judgment on everyone saved and unsaved alike. Pray!

The Butcher Shop

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