obama administration packed with lies


4 thoughts on “obama administration packed with lies”

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    Obama, Clinton, Biden and Brennan will “hang for treason” when this evidence comes out… BOMBSHELL recordings prove they had Seal Team Six EXECUTED to cover up deep state crimes.



    1. I have no confidence in our judicial system, that anything, not even so much as a slap on the wrist will happen. Especially when you are talking about the top players as the ones you mentioned. The Deep State is too deep with corruption………..they are the norm now, they rule all. They are UNTOUCHABLE. The nice, good people (from either party) haven’t the courage or will to even do the right thing. out of FEAR. Barr is a joke. Powell, Wood and even Rudy know they are marching in quick sand. Know one cares about Seal Team Six, honorable, fair elections………..and the American citizen. I am convinced the only way we make change is through revolution………and I am not talking peaceful. It HAS come to that. Optimism and hope has gotten us nowhere. I keep hearing the Bombshells are about to drop, people will be arrested …….. and they never do! I am fed up. I can’t stand watching the news anymore, not even Fox. Newsmax are only people in a position where Fox once was……soon they will lose their hope as well. It is true more citizens are speaking out, but it may be too little too late; and it takes more than words and people gathering at Trump rallies to make a difference. It takes action, and I haven’t seen it. None of us have stood up strong enough to defeat this crap. Half our nation is socialists now. We let the Left have their way. Not even all the evidence in the world matters now, when those you present it to are the Deep State. I think the only way we get justice, is if We the People literally drag the members of the swamp out into the streets ourselves and put ropes around their necks. The only way to get rid of rats are to exterminate them. Their is no longer any such phrase as “peaceful means”. I hate saying that. Do you really think the Left is going to allow for a rightful recount/audit and have Trump declared the winner peacefully? Or any of those people you mentioned to be prosecuted, let alone arrested? No! Because the Left (Democratic Socialist Party) does two things Republicans do not: Stand together and act! No matter how corrupt. The more corrupt the more defiant they are. Until we fight fire with fire we are toast!


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