No Evidence! No Evidence?

Excellent article. An opinion based on what is! Truth!


There are two sides in this nation right now: those who are presenting clear, demonstrable and irrefutable evidence of wide-spread, systematic voter fraud, and the side that just keeps repeating ‘There’s no credible evidence of systemic vote fraud.” Well, these two sides cannot both be correct: either there was wide-spread fraud or there wasn’t. We need to investigate to determine which is true, but that investigation has to be serious, thorough and sincere. Otherwise, if we just accept the mantra of “there’s no fraud,” we run the risk of falling for the big lie that leads to tyranny.

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2 thoughts on “No Evidence! No Evidence?”

    1. Trump may not return to the White House, but it won’t be because he lost. Biden sure as hell did not win. This is the most corrupt executed election in our history. Those with no shame, no conscious “may” have won…….. If you feel good about the removal of a president by any means that a majority voted for and you think Joe Biden is your man ………you are for a disappointing and dark time; not just a dark winter the creep promised. Keep turning your head from the corruption and you become part of it. As they say, it isn’t over. Keep watching CNN, they’ll give all the details you wish for.


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