arlin report thought(s) of the day: many words spoken, more thoughts than words

I do not know where I am going with this blog today. Many times under this blog I post (re-post) articles from others. Many are filled with facts, many are filled with the author’s opinion. But, under Arlin Report Thought(s) of the day: My thoughts only are written. I am occasionally influenced from what I know through many sources and what I learn from others and facts I can confirm. Today I am writing what I see and what I believe to be true.

We, as a country are not what we once were. We are not the country our founding fathers built, designed and orchestrated. They even were wise enough to leave us blueprint’s (our Constitution) to keep us on path. We have (even under our founding fathers) had bumps in the road, and our journey as a nation to today have had plenty.

We were left with a system to balance our power, a CHECKS AND BALANCE SYSTEM: The Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. Trouble is when you elect and appoint people into positions of authority to operate these branches, and leave them in too long…..greed for power and money rule the day. The Deep State has been left in Washington so long they control our governing system. They come from all parties, Democrats, Republicans and Independents……….as well as Socialists, from all around. They are great pretenders. They pretend to be on your side, of We the People. If we were to give the Deep State a color like we do red and blue for our two main political parties………it would be Deep Purple. If we placed everyone in Washington in one stadium that seated 100,000; straight shooting patriots would take up 20,000 White seats and the Deep State 80,000 Purple seats. You know what those 80,000 represent and it isn’t you!

They embezzle, they take money from foreign countries, they take advantage of our system to benefit themselves and steal from all of us. While they pretend to hold us in their best interest they lie, and do what they do best, they run cover for one another. They use the Checks and Balance system in a corrupt way………you see they check one another, they have something (many things) on each other to keep you IN CHECK. There is no accountability except within their own Deep State organization. Cross their line, you come up missing or are found having committed suicide. The Deep State is a club. To gain membership you must be willing to look the other way, lie and cheat. Good people have fallen into the pit (the Swamp), they get used, then find there is no way out except to follow along. If you are useful you may be reward handsomely.

Those we count on to hold others accountable have been sucked into the Deep State. There is no accountability, if there was Hillary Clinton would be behind bars. Comey did his job, his loyalty was to the Deep State, no one else.

The Deep State runs deep and dark. How do we drain this swamp? Do we? Are we just going to accept what is? Are we going to just turn our cheeks? They don’t like it when we ask questions or snoop!

The place to start, is to continuously turn over House and Senate seats. ALL OF THEM. Put good people in………..maybe you! Term limitations is a must. Not having them helped get us to the corruption we have today. There will always be corruption……….but we need to hunt it down and then remove it, like a bad weed. We must also overhaul our election system, by starting with voter ID. There must be a better checks and balance system within our election process and keeping high tech media and social media out of the picture.

12 thoughts on “arlin report thought(s) of the day: many words spoken, more thoughts than words”

  1. It all boils down to substantial, documented evidence that all the hype by progressive liberal democrats and the mainstream media are geared up for one singular result; the genocide of traditional conservative Christians and white males.

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      1. Anything short of a national armed revolution can’t pull Canada back from ‘the great reset’ now and Mexico is a mess; we’re surrounded. Blue states locking down again, bare store shelves, again and curfews… all look like the establishment is setting up to steamroll ‘the great reset’ over Trump and the rest of us ahead of schedule.

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      1. Thanks for sending that to me. Frightening, but you can see it happening unless you are deaf and dumb. Biden is anxious to start a 4-6 week lockdown. You know damn good and well it won’t be for 6 weeks……’ll be extended and extended. They want to see how many businesses they can totally destroy.

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