If Biden Wins, How Long Will He Actually Be President? | LifeZette

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If the corrupt leftist media, celebrities, rioters, social media companies, deep state saboteurs, former Obama administration officials, globalists, never-Trumpers, academia and the democrats pull off a presidential win for Joe Biden, we all know that he won’t be occupying the Oval Office for very long.

Biden has always been a placeholder for the communist agenda of the leftists and Kamala Harris is probably jumping out of her seat today at the prospect of taking over the presidency sometime next year. So it looks like it DOES pay to sleep your way to the top.

The question is, how long will the democrats wait to get rid of Biden so it doesn’t appear that it was their plan all along?

They’ll probably keep Biden off the “stage” for the first few months with limited sightings of his failing cognizance. They’ll use the time to build up Harris who is very unlikable…

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