Is It Safe To Come Out Of My Bunker Yet?

The Crawdad Hole

One of these men is a corrupt imbecile. The other one is the best POTUS ever.

How crazy are things in the Year of Our Lord 2020?

Crazy enough to make me want to pull the covers over my head and stay in bed (in the fetal position) until the madness ends. But staying in bed until SMOD arrives isn’t an option.

2020 is without a doubt the craziest year in my memory, and I can remember the JFK assassination. 1968 was the previous record holder, but back then the Crazy was confined to a relatively small part of the population. Our institutions (churches, schools, business, Hollywood, etc.) remained sane and stable, and most of America just watched the Crazy from afar. They didn’t experience it or join in.

2020 is The Big Crazy. TBC has permeated all of our institutions and every level of society. There is no escaping…

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