Women Who Love Trump

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Why Good Women Love Trump
By Christine Smith

Good women “love”President Trump.

By “good women” I refer to women who evince God’s love through intelligence and rationality. Their love is for themselves as well as their family, friends, community, country, and foremost God. They are women who derive self-worth from striving to live in ways in which they personally succeed and they help others to do so as well.

Theirs is a life of “achievement, humility, strength, compassion, courage and empathy.” Like those in the Bible, from the brave and compassionate Jehosheba to the judge and prophetess Deborah, and from minister Priscilla to Mary the mother of Jesus, good women are dignified, courageous, and endeavor to show love to all in their life.

They do not “degrade”their femininity for a false show of “strength,” they are beautiful and powerful because they are authentic women evincing every quality of…

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